Car Wash Membership Information


Our Membership packages are built to help you save money! We have put together a set of full service and exterior only wash packages to meet any customer’s needs.

So take a look at our packages and stop by to sign up or ask more questions!

— Dan Tokos- Owner


Hot Wash and Shine Wash Package (Exterior):

– Receive Unlimited Hot Wax & Shine Exterior Washes


Mini Ultimate with Rain-X Wash Package (Exterior):

– Receive Unlimited Mini Ultimate w/ Rain-X Exterior Washes


Clean & Shine Wash Package (Exterior):

– Receive Unlimited Clean & Shine Exterior Washes



  • All Memberships must be paid with a credit or debit card
  • Only one membership per vehicle
  • Vehicle must have a valid license plate


First, you decide which membership package best fits your needs. Once you have chosen a package, it’s time to sign up! We will attach the selected package you want to your vehicle. Then you can come in while your membership is active an unlimited amount of times and receive the wash that comes with your package.

For instance: If you select the Hot Wax & Shine Wash Package, you can come in and receive the Hot Wax and Shine Car Wash (A $30 Car Wash) as many times as you want in that month!

We will charge your card for the price of the membership on the day you sign up. Then you don’t have to think about it again. Your membership will be automatically renewed every month until you choose to cancel it.

All you have to do is stop by or call and we can cancel your membership at any time. If you cancel in the middle of the month, the difference will be pro-rated back to your card automatically. If you selected one package and decide you’d like to switch to another one, it is the same process. Just let us know and we can switch to the preferred package.

Simple. For instance, if you selected an exterior only membership package and wanted to add the interior, you would simply pay the difference of the total to add the interior.