Oil Change

Stop by Bulldog Car Wash for the ultimate full-service car wash experience. Our staff and car wash professionals will treat your car like their own, and you will be thrilled once the job is completed. Your car will look brand new with our full-service wash, so be sure to stop by every month to give your car or truck the attention it so richly deserves.

Oil Change Services:
Service:   Price:
  Full Service Oil Change (UP TO 5 QUARTS) $28.95
Moble 1 Oil Change (UP TO 5 QUARTS) $69.95
Transmission Flush $139.95
Radiator Flush (Green) $69.95
Radiator Flush (Dexcool Antifreeze) $79.95
Radiator Flush (Ford, Chrysler) $79.95
Power Steering Flush $69.95
Tire Rotation $14.95
Tire Rotation & Balance $29.95
Fuel Fliters $24.95 & UP
Differential Service $29.95 & UP
Fuel System Cleaner $69.95
Serpentine Belts   $39.95 & UP
Wipers $6.95 & UP
PVC Valves 3.95 & UP
Air Filters 3.95 & UP
Light Bulbs BY QUOTE