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This page can be used as a resource to see how the golf cart buying process works at Bulldog Golf Carts. You can follow this guide to build your own personal cart or you can pick from our pre-built design models on our Golf Cart Page.


Choose your Make/ Model:

Club Car Precedent- BaseEZGO RXV- BaseEZGO TXT- Base

You have a wide range of base carts to choose from and are not limited to these three styles alone.

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Choose you Motor Type:

Gas       Crown 36 Volt       Crown 48 Volt

Gas                                       36 Volt                                     48 Volt

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Choose Your Color:

Black  2Gray    4White  5Blue  6Dark-Blue 

 7Teal  8Dark-Green  9Forest-Green  13Yellow  15Tan 

 16Brown  17Maroon  18Red-Orange  19Red  20Pink  

23UGA Themed  24Falcons  25Camo  26Browning  27Harley Themed

28Fire Department  29marines  30Nascar  31Peach State  32usa

The sky is the limit on what color/ theme you want your cart to be. You can go with a regular color or multiple colors. You can also design your cart around your favorite sports team or affiliation and have their logo on your cart.

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Choose your Upholstery Colors:

Red and Black Seats         Black Seats         Black and White Seats

Here your doing the same thing that you did with the body. We can embroider logos and do custom styles and colors on your cart’s upholstery to match your paint job to make your cart completely customized.

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Choose Your Wheels:

Wheels1     Wheels2     Wheels3     Wheels4

We have a wide variety of custom wheels ranging from 10 inches to 14 inches, along with different tire options from Low Profile to All-Terrain. Or keep it simple with the factory 10 inch wheels w/ wheel covers.

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Choose your Accessories:

Rear Seat     Light Kit     Stereo     Lift Kit

Brush Guard     Cart Cover     Clay Basket     Steering Wheel

The amount of accessories you can put on a cart is endless. So Take a look here to see what you might want on your cart.


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